About Us

David Siqueiros (Vocals & Bass)


Our connoisseur of Pink Floyd history and sound in every aspect. His abilities are amazing when it comes to singing and playing bass. He is a high range vocalist able to make you believe you are listening to David Gilmour.

John Hoaglund III (Vocals & Sax)


The theatrical voice that brings you to the most dramatic and passionate moments of Roger Waters. On top of this, his performance includes tenor and alto saxophone solos and backup keyboards to set a round, full Floyd experience.

Manny Garcia (Keyboards)


"The Keys Keeper". It is a privilege to have an engineer behind the keyboards. His talent, deep technical knowledge, sounds and arrangements, create a very special atmosphere that will make you fly to another world... literally!!!

Ryan Gooseman (Guitars)


A.K.A. "Goose"... a versatile musician and very dedicated to make this band well known by Pink Floyd lovers. He is a perfectionist and makes sure you enjoy his guitar sound as if you were listening to Gilmour.

Stephen Mathis (Drums)


"The Clock Man". He is a seasoned, virtuoso musician able to play all genres as a clock. His precision and control of dynamics ensure you will enjoy our show at the right tempo every single moment.